Rubicon to register PAGO as a Trademark

PAGO is now a Registered Trademark (word) for the territory of Albania in the category of “financial transaction and payment services” (Nice C36) (Albanian: Shërbime të transferimit të parave elektronike dhe me shume). Pago is the Albanian verb for indication of a payment activity.

Class 36 includes mainly services relating to banking and other financial transactions, financial valuation services, as well as insurance and real estate activities.

PAGO is registered as part of the strategy the company has to enter the Albanian market of instant payments.

About Rubicon Sh.a.
Rubiconis a financial technology company in Albania engaged in providing financial solutions and developing a payment processing network. Rubicon leverages its proprietary technologies, intellectual property, innovative products and market intelligence to provide comprehensive and optimized financial solutions to its clients. For additional company information, please visit:

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Eno Kotmilo
Rubicon Sh.a.
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