Rubicon partners with Kreatx shpk

Tirana, July 6, 2022 — Rubicon, an Albanian fintech company that provides financial solutions, has signed an agreement with Kreatx to facilitate online payments through a variety of technical solutions.

Both companies will coordinate their efforts on payment solution integrations. The integration of utility payments will be a priority for the time being. Kreatx’s Flare Billing solution is used by most of the water utilities in Albania. Rubicon will integrate digital payments for utility bills via its payment platform Pago. The effort is part of a utility layer that may be used to ease utility payments by any regulated Financial Institution.

Through this agreement Rubicon aims to continue its growth by adding new users in its platform and increase the number of transactions to potentially 250 000 additional transactions per month for a total amount of about 250 000 000 Lek per month to be processed by its platform Pago.  

About Kreatx:
Kreatx is one of the country’s leading companies in ICT offering enterprise and business software solutions to SMEs, large companies, and public institutions whether on a client’s infrastructure or SaaS offered in cloud. Kreatx offers software solutions in several markets such as: No code/low code, Invoicing, Billing, Case Management, Document management, Field Workforce Management, ERP, Human Resources & Payroll, open source, etc.
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About Rubicon Sh.a.
Rubicon is an Electronic Money Institution engaged in providing financial solutions and developing a payment processing network. Rubicon leverages its proprietary technologies, intellectual property, innovative products and market intelligence to provide comprehensive and optimized financial solutions to its clients.
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