Rubicon partners with Albanian Postal Service – Posta Shqiptare sh.a.

A new successful partnership to facilitate cash services to Pago clients everywhere in the Albanian territory.

Rubicon and Posta Shqiptare announce that the institutions have entered, into a strategic partnership that will allow Pago to utilize the infrastructure of Posta Shqiptare to address the needs of Pago customers for cash operations.

With this partnership, Pago customers will be able to cash-in or cash-out in branches of Posta Shqiptare, which is the licensed financial institution with the largest territory coverage in country.

Pago customers will only need to show a QR code form their Pago application to the cashier of the Posta Shqiptare branch, and the registration will be done automatically and in real time. With the large extent of the Posta Shqiptare branches it will be so easy to find a physical point where to perform such transactions, in all security, rapidness and ease.

This partnership will not only impact customers, but also the industry and community.  

About Posta Shqiptare Sh.a.

Posta Shqiptare is the national postal institution of Albania since 1912 and the largest commercial company operating in the market of postal and financial services in the country. Over the years, the Albanian Post has not only focused on commercial activity, but has served as a vital intermediary between business, citizens and institutions. Its mission is to continue to remain the locomotive of postal and financial services in the country, guaranteeing the customer the maximum quality of services.
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About Rubicon Sh.a.

Rubicon is a fintech company, committed to implement state of the art of fintech related solutions with the aim to simplify the financial life through access to modern economy with digital payments, ecommerce, investments, and innovative financial services.
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